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In The Missing Flower Tops, Kitty is sleeping in the flowers, but not eating them!
Patterns for these child-sized quilts to accompany books are now available!  The nine blocks show the main characters of each story.
In Happy Nappy Day, bunny is having a swim before taking a nap.
Marvin and Ruffie are having an adventure looking for buried treasure.
Book 1:  
Book 2:  
Book 3:  
Flip me over.
These books are two-sided storybooks.  Read one story and then flip over to hear the other perspective of the same story.
Flip me over.
Flip me over.
The lady's flowers are missing, but why is someone taking them?
There is a big surprise for Grandfather Turtle, but why is a bunny taking a nap?
Marvin has a great imagination, but Ruffie sees what is really going on!