Book 1:  The Missing Flower Tops
and The Midnight Snack

Welcome to the home of the "Meet in the Middle" series of children's books where "there are always two sides to every story."

Book 1:  The Missing Flower Tops and The Midnight Snack is a two-sided book which tells a mystery about flower tops that disappear.  Who (or what) is stealing the flower tops?   Who needs a snack?  Does he almost become a snack himself?

Book 2:  A Surprise For Turtle and The Happy Nappy Day tells about Grandfather Turtle's remarkable journey to a party as well as Jack-the-Rabbit's adventures on the way to the same party.   What is the surprise and why did Jack need a nap (or two)?

Book 3:  Marvin's Marvelous 'Magination and Ruffie's Romping Reality is full of imagination and surprises.  Watch as Marvin imagines going into outer space or sees himself riding a big green dragon.  Play along with Ruffie as he goes on adventures with Marvin.

Every page is delightfully illustrated with the texture and stitching of the fabric of an actual quilt.  This is a treasure for all lovers of quilts and quilting!  Your child will see the texture of the fabrics come to life with closeup photos of our story characters.  

Excellent teaching opportunities show that all situations can be seen from different perspectives.

Whether your child is able to read alone or not, these stories will be enjoyed over and over.  For ages 3 and up.

These books are also a great way to introduce your child to the magic of quilted fiber art, with very detailed illustrations worked in the medium of fabric, threads, and quilting.  

Marvin's Dragon, 39x39.  
Pattern available.
Book 2:  "A Surprise For Turtle" and "The Happy Nappy Day"
See video online at Quilter's  
Click on TV-Videos and search on Joan Musick.  Originally aired October 18, 2012.
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Book 3:  "Marvin's Marvelous 'Magination" and "Ruffie's Romping Reality"
Flip me over.
These books are two-sided storybooks.  Read one story and then flip over to hear the second story.
See more about Joan's books in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, August/September 2012
This see-through  "hat" quilt goes with the Marvin and Ruffie book.   Your child  can "wear" a corner of the quilt and see through it while imagining fun adventures.  Pattern available.
Lucas reads about Marvin's adventures while pretending to be an astronaut under the see-through quilt.
This nine-patch quilt captures the characters of "A Surprise For Turtle," including the silly rabbit kicking up his heels.  Pattern available.
This nine-patch quilt shows the characters of the mystery, "The Missing Flower Tops," including Riley, the Labrador.  Pattern available.
The page on the left is from Marvin's side of the story.               The page on the right is from Ruffie's side of the story.
Marvin imagines he is an astronaut.
"Mask" quilt with a more feminine touch.  
Pattern available.
Joan is a writer with a passion for quilting.  These books perfectly combine her two loves.
Storybooks illustrated by quilt art.